The brief for the final year 1 project was as follows...
This project asks you to create a typographic solution, for screen, print or physical installation, working with spatial typographic elements.
After initial research and ideas generation, you will need to explore a context that your design can be used in – e.g. how, where and for what reason your typographic solution will be employed – as this will help direct and inform your final outcome.
All stages of design development will need to be tested, and the considerations of a possible audience for your chosen context, thoroughly considered.
Outcomes – media / material and format – are to be defined by you, and can encompass the digital – with motion/ time-based design, or the non-digital – with design for environments or spaces that you might interact with in a physical way.
You will work closely with your tutors to help develop and define your typographic solution within a specific context for communication design, exploring appropriate possible pathways and practices.
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